MeetingMax Event Page Information Sheet

Save time and money with Meetingmax. Let our expert team negotiate the best rates, contract your room blocks, and manage your inventory.  The reservations panel allows your event attendees to intuitively explore available hotels and their amenities, compare rates, and book their rooms. We understand that each event is unique. We provide an array of customizations to help build a system that meets your individual needs. Our cloud-based applications provide 24/7 system access and allows you to view event details and real time booking information from any available device.

With our system’s flexibility, allow your guests to create reservations using sub-block codes, make a single booking containing multiple rooms, along with a host of variable options. Your event attendees will no longer have to search through various sites and worry whether they got the best available rate.  With 24/7 system access, Meetingmax not only provides the ability for guests to make their reservations when it’s convenient for them, but it allows online reservations changes anytime, day or night.