Trades Day

Trades Day

The Jacksonville•Onslow Chamber of Commerce partners with businesses in the community to host this annual competition for high school students that are in vocational education classes in Onslow and Jones County High Schools.  Trades Day gives these students an opportunity to be recognized for their talents and allows them to showcase their skills.  This event brings 120 students and more than 200 parents and community leaders to the Coastal Carolina Community College campus every spring.  The Jacksonville•Onslow Chamber of Commerce hosts this event in an ongoing effort to promote workforce development and growth in our community.

Thank you to Ralph Leeds for giving of his time and capturing these amazing moments.

YouTube Video of the Culinary Competition

2017 Trades Day Winners:


1st: Garrett Harris – Southwest High School

2nd: Sam Montague – Southwest High School

3rd: Bailey Fisher – Southwest High School



1st: Justin Fried – Jacksonville High School

1st: Matthew Hofe – Jacksonville High School

2nd: Dylan Goodwin – Swansboro High School

2nd: Jacob Jones – Swansboro High School

3rd: Jacob Parker – Dixon High School

3rd: Clayton Parker – Dixon High School


Culinary Arts:

1st: Ariana Rodriguez – Northside High School

2nd: Zach Sharpless – Dixon High School

3rd: Acquiese Harris – Northside High School


Digital Electronics:

1st: Thomas Cluen – White Oak High School

2nd: Scott Siler- White Oak High School

3rd: Brian Carrington – Richlands High School


Electrical Trades:

1st: Anthony Rowcliffe – Richlands High School

2nd: Will Holley – Richlands High School

3rd: Trevor Tate – Jacksonville High School



1st: Noah Chanthongthip – Swansboro High School

2nd: Justin Cortese – Swansboro High School

3rd: Thomas Edwards – Swansboro High School


Technical Drafting – Level I:

1st: Dylan Pirtle – Richlands High School

2nd: Dylan Lichenstein – Richlands High School

3rd: Allison Goodman – Richlands High School


Architectural Drafting – Level II:

1st: Chandler Futrell – Richlands High School

2nd: Nicklaus Reyer – Richlands High School

3rd: William Price – Richlands High School


Welding I: Cutting

1st: Jason Starr – Richlands High School

2nd: Eddie Armfield – Swansboro High School

3rd: Zoe Gibson – Swansboro High School


Welding II: SMAW

1st: Chase Brinson – Richlands High School

2nd: Chris Diaz – Swansboro High School

3rd: Corey Smith – Dixon High School





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