Mr. John Kay handles stressful situations like a pro and can juggle many jobs all at once: telephone ringing off the hook, an office full of customers, and a supervisor needing immediate attention. And no matter how challenging, does it all with a smile and positive attitude. He never leaves the office until all the customers’ needs have been met and the work at hand has been completed, and shows up on time EVERDAY! Customers are always pointing out how easy going, helpful and friendly he is.   John attends various seminars each year so the business stays up-to-date on the changes in the market: Improving Workshop Efficiency, Achieving Service Excellence and Estimating Solutions for Profit, two General Motors (GM) classes: Non Structural Collision Repair 2015 Vehicles and Supplemental Restraints Service and Repair after Collision

He also has the responsibility of making sure Excel Body Works is adequately compensated for the work performed John Kay has been working for the third generation family-owned business, Excel Body Works, Inc., for five years. Being an administrative professional in the automotive industry does not only mean you have to be great with customer service, but you also have to know the steps to everything involved in repairing and replacing body panels plus automotive refinishing. John writes the vehicle estimates and makes sure the owner of the vehicle is aware of what is going on and how the vehicle is being repaired.

Being involved in a car accident comes with a lot of stress and it can also be very confusing. John goes above and beyond to help the customers by alleviating that stress and by making the process a little more understandable. Whitney Cantrell, his older sister that made the nominations states “I have no doubt that my grandfather’s business will live on from a third generation shop to a fourth generation shop. Congratulations to the Jacksonville Onslow Chamber of Commerce 2016   Administrative Professional of the year, Mr. John William Kay of Excel Body Works!